Kazakh national women’s volleyball team reaches world championship

ALMATY – Team Kazakhstan secured a place in the Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) Women’s Volleyball World Championship next year in Japan by finishing as runners-up in the Asian qualifier Pool A finals.

Photo credit: Kazakhstan Volleyball Federation press service

Almaty’s Baluan Sholak Sports Palace hosted the tournament Sept. 20-24 involving teams from Australia, China, Chinese Taipei and Fiji. On the final day, Kazakhstan and China secured confident 3-0 victories over Fiji (25-8, 25-19, 25-14) and Chinese Taipei (25-18, 25-14, 25-10), respectively, and won the two berths to the world championship.

Kazakhstan defeated Australia 3-1 (25-15, 25-6, 22-25, 25-9) and Chinese Taipei 3-1 (25-15, 19-25, 25-19, 25-20), but lost to China 3-0 (14-25, 19-25, 15-25) in earlier matches.

China won all its games, taking first place with 12 points. Kazakhstan finished second with nine points, followed by Chinese Taipei (six points), Australia (three points) and Fiji (zero points).

“On behalf of myself and the whole team, I would like to express great gratitude to our fans. The support we received at home greatly helped us. We worked very hard, training twice a day, two and a half hours in the morning and three in the evening [before the tournament.] All this helped us achieve the goal of securing a berth to the world championship in Japan. I would also like to express my gratitude to the management of the Volleyball Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The fact that the tournament was held in Almaty was a very significant event for our country’s volleyball lovers. I think hosting such competitions helps a lot in promoting the sport in Kazakhstan,” said Team Kazakhstan head coach Vyacheslav Shapran.

Next year will be the Kazakh national team’s fourth consecutive appearance in the event, as the squad previously played in 2006, 2010 and 2014. Thailand and South Korea won the first two places in Asia’s Pool B to secure berths in the 24-team tournament.



Astana Pro Team’s Alexei Lutsenko wins Tour of Almaty 2017

ALMATY – The Astana Pro Team’s Alexei Lutsenko of Kazakhstan has once again won the Tour of Almaty, this time in the race’s first iteration as a multi-day event.

Photo credit: tourofalmaty.kz

Kazakhstan’s first professional international two-day cycling race, Tour of Almaty, finished Oct. 1. This year, the tour was upgraded to a multi-day cycling race and included two stages. Twenty teams from 17 nations took part in the competition.

“The International Cyclists Union (ICU) approved the two-day format. This indicates that holding the Tour of Almaty for the previous four years paid off,” Vice President of the Kazakhstan Cycling Federation Amanbek Kulchikov said at a press conference. “We wanted to show all the beauty of the Almaty mountains during the broadcast. This year, the duration of the race’s transmission on the Eurosport TV channel increased by half an hour, and will now be 1.5 hours. Two days is not the limit for the Tour of Almaty. The race has the potential for growth and improvement. This needs to be done in a gradual, thoughtful way, without haste.”

On the first day, the cyclists raced on the city’s wider streets. Astana Pro Team’s Lutsenko showed the best result, celebrating success in the Almaty race for the fourth time. The second day saw the cyclists riding uphill all the way to the famous Medeu skating rink, and this time Lutsenko’s Danish teammate Jakob Fuglsang won, with the Kazakh rider finishing second, just 12 seconds behind. Third place was taken by a rider from the Swiss Roth-Akros, Colin Chris Stussi, who came another 12 seconds after Lutsenko.

“The race went well for me, and the whole team did great. Astana Pro Team was very strong today. I am very happy that I won the Tour of Almaty. This race is very important for the team, because it is held in Kazakhstan and the level of Tour of Almaty is very high. I think it was great to have the second stage in the mountains, because it is very beautiful there,” Fuglsang said after the race.

The Tour’s general classification after two days had Lutsenko as the winner. Fifty-five seconds behind was runner-up Remy di Gregorio of the French pro-continental team Delko Marseille Provence Ktm. Third place went to Fuglsang, whose result was one minute, four seconds behind the winner.

“It was a challenging and nervous race, very intensive. Our team did well today. We had a tactic in the end to allow Jakob to take the initiative. You all know he is good at mountain cycling. So he made an attack some five kilometers before the finish. Other racers could not catch up with him. I was always second or third. Jakob did a great job all the way to Medeu. The team work was great, we won both stages, grabbed the first and third places in the general classification,” commented Lutsenko.

At the race’s awards ceremony, winners in two additional categories were decorated: Lutsenko as the leader of the sprint classification and Rory Townsend from Bike Channel Canyon (UK) as the holder of a polka dot jersey for the best mountain rider.



Anticipated Golovkin-Alvarez bout ends in controversial draw

ASTANA – Kazakh boxer Gennady “GGG” Golovkin (37-0, 33 KO) fought Mexican fighter Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (49-1-1, 34 KO) to a controversial draw Sept. 16 at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas.

Photo credit: Turar Kazangapov

The draw is considered controversial by many pundits and fans who have stated publicly that they believe 35-year-old Golovkin won the fight and that the draw resulted from a flawed scoring by one of the ringside judges.

Photo credit: Turar Kazangapov

Photo credit: Turar Kazangapov

The fight was one of the most anticipated of the year and GGG’s WBC, WBA, IBF and IBO championship belts were at stake.

Even before the fight, experts called Alvarez the toughest opponent in Golovkin’s career. As the bout showed, the Mexican boxer put up a fight Golovkin had never seen before.

As it was expected, the boxers started the fight with probing. By the middle, Golovkin started to reduce the distance. However, the Mexican showed excellent defence skills and made some very dangerous counterattacks.

In general, Golovkin had good tactics and tried to dominate the ending of each round. Alvarez showed decent boxing too but kept a lower profile and did not look like a favourite to win. After 12 rounds, the judges declared a draw – 110-118 (for Alvarez), 114-114, and 115-113 (for Golovkin).

After the fight, Golovkin voiced his bitter disagreement with the decision and told the media he was ready to consider a rematch.

“First of all, I want to thank all my fans, all the Kazakhs who came to America to support me and all those who watched the fight on TV in Kazakhstan. But… I wanted a “big drama show” tonight, I pressed him in every round, and I controlled the ground. I believe I won. Maybe he took three, maximum four, rounds. I think all the fans understand who is the real champion… The judging tonight was terrible. [118-110?] For what? I saw the computer, all total punches, I saw people’s reaction. This is not correct. This is terrible for sport, for boxing,” said Golovkin.

Among many others, the legendary British boxer, former world heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis called the referees’ ruling unfair.

“Both fighters can hold their heads high tonight but this fight wasn’t close to a draw! I have GGG as clear winner. These scorecards were ridiculous!” Lewis wrote on Twitter.

The pundits, however, quickly began discussing a potential rematch between the boxers to get an answer to the question left unanswered by judges in Las Vegas.

“Of course, I want a rematch. I am ready, I want to fight,” Golovkin’s response was to such questions posed to him immediately after the match on the ring.

“I think Gennady won the bout. However, I would note that he did not have the mood for a hard blow. Canelo showed that he does not want to intensify it, tried to tire out our boxer. Now the Mexican team can get the best of the situation with the rematch. I think it will definitely take place,” said Vice President of the Kazakhstan Federation of Professional Boxing Viktor Demyanenko.



Kazakhstan beats current champ Argentina to return to Davis Cup World Group

ASTANA – After a year-long hiatus, Kazakhstan’s men’s tennis team returned to the Davis Cup World Group by defeating Argentina in the playoffs.

Photo credit: Sergiy Kivrin

The Argentines, the current Davis Cup champions ,were the clear favourites in the match, even though their 3-2 home loss in February to Italy sent them to the playoffs. Kazakh captain Dias Doskarayev, however, never stopped telling his players they could surprise any opposition.

“There are always chances. We are playing at home on an important stage. We have good statistics at home, regardless of the opponents. Of course, we are playing the current Davis Cup champions and it will be very difficult. The most important thing for our tennis players now is to prepare well and believe in victory. Our players can do it; they proved it many times,” he said before the match, which was contested Sept. 15-17 at Astana’s National Tennis Centre.

Kazakhstan’s number 1, Mikhail Kukushkin, met Guido Pella in the first game, earning the first point for his team with a 6-7, 7-6, 6-2, 6-4 victory. The match was quite long, lasting more than three hours.

“I have never played the Argentinean in individual tournaments, but I knew that my opponent was a very strong player, so I set my mind on the hardest fight with him. I believe I could only have won over Pella thanks to our fans. They gave me great support and helped me win,” said Kukushkin after the match.

The guests equalised the score in the match after Argentinean leader Diego Schwartzman defeated Dmitry Popko 6-4, 6-2, 6-2.

Few could suggest Kazakhstan would win the doubles. The loss of Andrey Golubev, who was always good in this format, meant it would be very difficult to be victorious on the second day. Initially, Denis Yevseyev was to partner with Aleksandr Nedovyesov, but shortly before the game Doskarayev made a substitute, introducing Timur Khabibullin. The decision proved to be the right one. In a very difficult game, Nedovyesov and Khabibullin earned an important win against Maximo Gonzalez and Andres Molteni.

Kukushkin vs. Schwartzman was the decisive confrontation of the three-day match. The Kazakh player moved better and was more accurate in key episodes, which allowed him to beat his opponent 6-4, 6-4, 7-6, bringing his team an early victory and an elite place in next season’s Davis Cup.

“If you play for your country and your people with all your heart, if you fully believe in yourself and the team, you can beat any opponent, even such a strong one as Argentina. I congratulate everyone on our victory. Kazakhstan’s tennis is now at a very high level. More and more people are getting interested in it. Some people take tennis classes, others come to watch and support the players. It is great. I hope that this victory will contribute to this great trend,” said Doskarayev.



Astana loses first UEFA Europa League match in Spain

ASTANA – FC Astana, the only Kazakh club in this year’s UEFA Europa League, lost 3-1 while visiting Spanish club Villarreal CF in its first group stage match on Sept. 14.

The teams played one another three years ago in the last qualifying round of the same tournament. The Spaniards, known locally as El Submarino Amarillo or Yellow Submarina because of their home kit colour, secured a confident 4-0 win in that battle. Four members of Astana’s current line-up played in that game, including defenders Abzal Beisebekov, Yevgeny Postnikov and Dmitry Shomko and forward Patrick Twumasi. Midfielder Serikzhan Muzhikov went to Spain as well, but sat out the match. This time Villareal, known for its successful performances in the last two decades in the Spanish Premier League and European tournaments, was the favourite again.

To the surprise of the host team’s fans, Astana was quite active early in the match. Muzhikov made the game’s first shot towards the goal, but it went above the bar. Villarreal responded by dominating for a long period, putting pressure on Kazakh goalkeeper Nenad Eric. Ultimately, a shot by forward Nicola Sansone reached its aim for a 1-0 lead. The visitors’ forward Roman Murtazayev responded with a dangerous header, followed by Beisebekov and Twumasi’s long-range shots, all saved by Villarreal goalkeeper Mariano Barbosa.

Astana finally managed to even the score midway through the second half. Assisted by Twumasi’s corner kick, defender Yuri Logvinenko headed the ball into the hosts’ net. Villarreal needed only seven minutes, however, to prove its status as the team to beat. First, Cédric Bakambu had a clear run on goal, sending the ball into the right top corner of the net. Russian Denis Cheryshev then finished his partner’s cross from the right flank, setting the final score and win for the Spanish club.

“We tried to play good football. The team can be more dynamic and aggressive. Slight mistakes were made [when we missed] three goals. I am glad we scored a goal [following our good performance early] in the second half, but we still weren’t active enough in attacking,” said FC Astana head coach Stanimir Stoilov.

The team’s next match will be Sept. 28 against SK Slavia Prague. Kick-off will be 9 p.m. at Astana Arena.



Kazakh curling team prepares for World Cup

ASTANA – Curling has never been popular in Kazakhstan, but interest in the sport has developed dynamically since the Winter World Universiade 2017. The country now has a national team, which is holding friendly matches in preparation for the World Cup. Competitions between mixed teams and juniors are organised at the Almaty Arena ice palace, reported Zakon.kz.

Photo credit: zakon.kz.

“Despite the fact that the new curling season has just begun, we did not stop training. National men’s and women’s teams, mixed teams (men and women) and athletes with hearing disorders and organ transplants are involved in the trainings. We recently used a training camp in Korea, where we were supported and provided everything necessary for the trainings. We spent 10 days at one of the best stadiums in the world,” said Kazakhstan Curling Association Secretary General and head coach Viktor Kim.

“Now, we are preparing for the new season and we will soon go to Turkey to prepare for the World Cup among the mixed teams, which will be held Oct. 14-16 in Switzerland. After that, we plan to participate in the Pacific-Asian championship, where teams for the Olympic Games will be selected. After this event, we are going to have trainings in Korea again,” he added.

The sixth winter sports and athletic meeting, the main start of the four-year national level, will kick off in Kazakhstan in December. Curling will be presented in four disciplines: men, women, mixed couples and mixed teams.

As a new sport for the country, curling is unfamiliar to many citizens, but there is a keen interest. The 827 officially registered athletes claim this sport is absolutely for everyone.

Curlers take turns sliding heavy, polished granite stones across the ice towards a target area of four concentric circles. The two competing teams have four players and eight stones. Points are scored for the stones resting closest to the centre of the target area and teams strive to accumulate the higher score.

“Today is the first training after our trip to Korea. In fact, there is a difference between our ice and the Korean one, which corresponds to Olympic standards,” said women’s national team captain Zarema Abdykadyrova.

She believes in the need to have a will and if there is a will, there will be a result. Abdykadyrova suggests everyone engage in the sport, because it is suitable for people of all ages, adding the number of people interested and involved has grown significantly in recent years.



HC Barys has impressive start in KHL’s 10th season

ASTANA – HC Barys played four home games to start the 10th season of the Continental Hockey League’s (KHL) regular championship.

The Snow Leopards (the team’s name translated from Kazakh) opened Aug. 24 with a win against HC Spartak Moscow. The victory came with a low “football-type score” of 2-0. The hosts backed down, however, against HC Dinamo Riga. Barys lost initiative early in the match and was unable to overcome the 5-3 deficit.

In the third game, the capital team defeated HC Severstal Cherepovets in a bitter struggle. Severstal was losing 3-1, but gained the strength to even the score. Three minutes before the end of regular time, however, Barys captain Nigel Dawes scored the winner for the 4-3 final.

The heat of the struggle remained when the team met rival HC Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod. The match was interesting to the public and pleasing for the hometown fans, with their favourite team winning 4-2.

Barys then took to the road with matches against Magnitogorsk, Ufa, Riga and Podolsk, beginning Sept. 3 against HC Metallurg Magnitogorsk. Fans of the Kazakh team still had fresh memories of the last playoffs. Although Barys deserved to win at least two matches of the series, the team was eliminated in just four games.

In the early minutes of the match, Barys was more active. Their eminent rivals were at times lucky and by the middle of the game were winning 2-0. Barys captain Nigel Dawes bagged a brace, helping the roasters escape defeat in regular time. As a result, the winner was determined in the shootout, where the team from Magnitogorsk was more fortunate.

The Sept. 5 game in Ufa against HC Salavat Yulaev was a real thriller. Barys managed a fantastic comeback with three goals scored in the last minute of the third period, a new record in the league’s history. The flurry brought them a rare 5-3 victory against one of KHL’s regular favourites.

HC Barys is now in third place in the KHL Eastern Conference, trailing the surprise early leaders, China’s HC Kunlun Red Star, by only one point.

The special commission which determines the championship’s best players announced the tournament’s second week winners in four categories. The honourable ranking included Dawes, recognised as best striker. Dozzy, as his fans call him, scored seven (five plus two) points in three games, the best score in the league that week.

The week was also marked by the debut of 24-year-old defender Darren Dietz, who after five games is the leader among attacking defenders and took fifth place on the KHL general scoring list with three goals and four assists. His most important goal in the match against Nizhny Novgorod was recognised as the third most beautiful goal of the week.



Kazakh wrestlers win three medals at World Championships in Paris

ASTANA – Kazakh athletes won three medals at the World Wrestling Championships Aug. 21-27 in Paris, taking two silvers in Greco-Roman wrestling and a bronze in freestyle.

Photo credit: unitedworldwrestling.org. 71kg Quarterfinal: Demeu ZHADRAYEV (KAZ) df. Nurgazy ASANGULOV (KGZ) by VPO1, 6-4

Demeu Zhadyrayev (71 kg) won his silver medal on the first day of the tournament, losing 8-3 to Frank Staebler of Germany in the final match. Zhadyrayev previously secured victories against fellow athletes from Norway, Russia, and Kyrgyzstan and former world champion Balint Korpaszi in the semis.

Another hero for the Kazakh team was world championships’ first timer Meirambek Ainagulov (59 kg). On his road to the finals in the sport’s lightest weight category, he overcame opposition from more experienced wrestlers from Egypt, India, Ukraine and South Korea. In the gold medal match, he lost 2-1 to Japan’s Kenitiro Humita.

Two silver medals are the great achievement Kazakh wrestling fans have been anticipating, as it has been nearly 20 years since two of the nation’s wrestlers made it to the finals. Bakhtiyar Bayseitov and Mkhitar Manukyan claimed gold in 1998. A year later, Manukyan defended his title by defeating fellow countryman and 1996 Olympic champion Yuriy Melnichenko, who took the silver.

In freestyle wrestling, Akzhurek Tanatarov (70 kg) won a bronze medal on the final day of the tournament. In the quarterfinals, the Kazakh wrestler lost to Franco Chamizo Marquez, a Cuban naturalised Italian. Thanks to the fact that his opponent reached the finals, Tanatarov got a chance to compete for the bronze medal. In the first bout, he secured a win over Ikhtior Navruzov from Uzbekistan. In the third-place fight’s dying seconds, Tanatarov snatched victory from world and European championships winner Yakup Gor of Turkey.

In his congratulatory message, Kazakh Olympic Committee national wresting team president Timur Kulibayev hailed the athletes’ success.

“On behalf of the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan and on my own behalf, I congratulate you on the excellent results at the World Wrestling Championships in Paris… Thanks to your perseverance, determination and skills you won medals for our team, pleasing all fans of our national team,” he noted.



Kazakh boxers win gold, bronze and silver medals at world boxing championships in Hamburg

HAMBURG – Kazakh boxers won one gold, two silver and three bronze medals at the Aug. 25 to Sept. 2 AIBA World Boxing Championships in Hamburg.

Kairat Yeraliyev, considered one of the nation’s main hopes before the championship, triumphed in the bantamweight (up to 56 kg). In the final bout, he fought Duke Ragan of the United States and won 3-2.

“I would like to thank all those who supported and cheered for me. I am also grateful to the National Olympic Committee of Kazakhstan. The achievements of Kazakh athletes are the outcome of great efforts and attention [paid] to us… I am glad that development of sports is comprehensively supported in our country,” said Yeraliyev.

Abilkhan Amankul represented Kazakhstan in the middleweight (up to 75 kg). In the final bout, he lost to Ukrainian Alexander Khizhnyak on points. However, the medal he won at his first world championship speaks about the young boxer’s great prospects for the future.

Another silver medal came from Kamshibek Kunkabayev. He fought in the super heavyweights (above 91 kg) and only gave way in the final bout to Mahommedrasul Majidov of Azerbaijan.

Vasily Levit (heavyweight, up to 91 kg), Ablaikhan Zhussupov (welterweight, up to 69 kg), and Zhomart Yerzhan (light flyweight, up to 49 kg) won bronze medals.

“We had chances to win three gold medals in Hamburg, but let us not forget that our team is young. Our guys still have something to work on and continue their growth. They need to do [even more] to improve their skills,” commented head coach of the Kazakhstan’s national boxing team Myrzagali Aitzhanov.

Cuban boxers topped the informal national team ranking in Hamburg as they claimed five gold and two silver medals. The second-placed Uzbekistan won one gold, three silver and two bronze medals. Boxers from Azerbaijan, France, and Ukraine also won one gold medal each. The next world championships will be in two years in Sochi, Russia.



KazSport TV channel changes name to Qazsport

ASTANA – The Kazakhstan TV/radio company, which includes the only sports television channel KazSport in the country, has rebranded itself. Starting with the new TV season, which the channel starts on Aug. 28, the names of a number of TV channels will be written in Latin. Its sports TV channel will be now be called Qazsport.

The organisation’s website promises the channel will present new and interesting programmes.

“In addition, the channel will broadcast the most important sporting events in the world, including the fights of Kazakhstan’s boxing professionals, as well as live broadcasts from various events and special programmes,” the press service of the company reports.

The channel is available through the national broadcasting system Otau TV and cable operators.

The website of TRK Kazakhstan also notes that the new logo of all TV channels of the corporation are  united by one common symbol that combines the main two colours: turquoise and yellow, symbolising the nation’s state flag.